Housing Justice

DSC00001From Jill Shook, who is teaching an innovative course this summer on housing–through the lens of biblical Jubilee:

Ever since the Great Recession, low income people in record numbers have been deprived of their assets and displaced from their homes—from land meant to be used in a way so that all can have access to decent shelter. This is a form of systemic violence that violates the principles of Jubilee justice found throughout the Bible, from Leviticus to the Book of Acts. As Christians, we are called to take action to assist not only the refugees from war and violence but also those displaced in gentrified cities, where rents are soaring.

There are signs of hope. Jubilee—land redistribution—is happening in small and quiet ways though affordable housing by taking land off the speculative market. The good news is that some churches have heeded this call and are making a difference.

This summer Denver Seminary will be offering a ground-breaking course on housing justice. Register for this theologically ground breaking two-week course this summer at Denver Seminary, June 22- July 2nd. This course offers a theological and practical understanding of how housing justice is part of God’s mission. It provides a comprehensive look at ways to house our communities in light of biblical land use laws, and the just and fair distribution of land and housing. We will examine case studies of how churches and Gospel-driven visionaries are addressing the housing crisis, creating affordable housing, and thereby transforming people and communities. We will explore models of adaptive reuse of prisons, hospitals; cooperative housing, cohousing, community land trusts and more. Interactive assignments and site visits will provide students with first-hand experiences to engage with affordable housing developers and best practice models.

For more info and for registration click this.

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    The cost of housing faces almost everyone, especially those in growing urban cores. It even affects employers, nonprofits and churches who often cannot pay salaries high enough to cover rising housing expenses. This course provides hope and practical ways this crisis can and is being address as a mission of the church.

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