Sacramental Operative in a Sullied World

By Ken Sehested, originally published last month at Ethics Daily, a publication of the Baptist Center for Ethics We need to recognize, and adjust in appropriate ways, to the fact that we humans maintain a perverse fascination with disaster. I’ll leave it to psychologists to explain why, precisely; but this habit is easily illustrated: From […]

Eastertide: the Outing of the Church

By Ken Sehested (photo right with grandchildren), curator of Some years ago, writing in the days leading up to Easter, I realized important though tragic anniversaries arrived in the days immediately following that Sunday. “Even before our resurrection flowers have wilted, we will be confronted again with the presence of evil. Since Easter falls […]

For What Do We Hope

By Ken Sehested (right with grandchildren), whose fluency tends toward poetic expression, in response to our 2019 question, “What is your definition of radical discipleship?”  “Always be ready to make your defense to anyone who demands from you an accounting for the hope that is in you: yet do it in gentleness and reverence.” —1 […]

Aftermath of the Great War’s Armistice

By Ken Sehested The Resurrection is the Beloved’s own Armistice, intimate seal on ancient covenant, when the rain’s own bow arches in the flood’s aftermath as divine reminder, animus receding by act of divine contrition: Never again. Never again.* No longer will Heaven respond with drowning contempt over earth’s profaning habit. Divine remorse calls out […]