Wes Howard-Brook on How Empire “Handles” Violence

Today, we share a Facebook Post (and highlights of an ongoing strand from Friday, Sept 12) from Dr. Wes Howard-Brook, former attorney and, currently, a professor of Theology & Scripture at Seattle University. Social media has all sorts of issues, but sometimes it can serve as a really helpful forum for “overhearing” conversations about vital […]

Wild Lectionary: Thomas, Bodies, Touch, and Violence

Easter 2(B) John 20:19-31 By Laurel Dykstra “Doubting Thomas” it’s the name we call someone who demands hard evidence, who won’t accept what we say or who doesn’t share our beliefs. There are all kinds opportunities in the church use that name against someone. All sorts of differences in the beliefs of faithful Christians: angels, […]

Wild Lectionary: Transfiguration

Transfiguration B Mark 9:2-9 By Sue Ferguson Johnson and Wes Howard-Brook “Six days later, Jesus took with him Peter and James and John, and led them up a high mountain apart, by themselves.” (Mk 9.2) It has been a long, wet, grey, dark winter so far here in the Issaquah Creek watershed. While we have […]

Wild Lectionary: Mary, Hildegard and the anawim

Advent 4B Luke 1:26-38, 46b-55 You have deposed the mighty from their thrones and raised the lowly to high places. Luke 1:52 By The Reverend Marilyn Zehr I met her this afternoon when I went for a walk. She was throwing the ash from her woodstove onto the snowy road just outside her front door. […]

Wild Lectionary: Holy Land

Advent 3B Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11 Luke 1:46b-55 By Wes Howard-Brook and Sue Ferguson Johnson Just north of Magdala in Galilee stand the cave-pocked cliffs of Mt. Arbel. Twice in a hundred years, Roman soldiers shot fire into the caves to destroy Israelites who refused to give in to imperial rule. The first occasion was the […]

Radical Recommendations for Gift-Giving

Because Christmas has become so central to the American economy and American consumption is so central to global capitalism, this festival of ‘Holy Days’ has become a central expression and embodiment of American imperial domination, an imperial religion.  Richard Horsley, Religion and Empire (2003) Truly, this Season signals a major tension for North American radical […]

Wild Lectionary: We Despised the Pleasant Land

Proper 23(28) 19th Sunday after Pentecost Psalm 106 By Wes Howard-Brook and Sue Ferguson Johnson When you tell the story of your, your family’s, or your community’s journey, what role does the land and its nonhuman creatures play? Central to God’s promise to ancient Israel was a land to call their own, both as a […]

Wild Lectionary: Joseph—God’s Agent or Agent of Empire?

Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost Proper 15(20) “God has made me lord of all Egypt…” Joseph, son of Jacob (Gen 45.9) “For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the children of God.” Paul of Tarsus (Rom 8.19) By Wes Howard-Brook and Sue Ferguson Johnson A decade or so ago, we spent two […]

Wild Lectionary: Beware the Cataclysm!

By Wes Howard-Brook and Sue Ferguson Johnson, Abide in Me For readers of Wild Lectionary, there is hardly a Scripture passage more fitting than Genesis’ account of the Flood. The powerful, terrifying narrative is often reduced to a kids’ story, replete as it is with “cute” animals in the Ark. But, of course, beneath the […]