Tommy Tackett and Bill Wylie-Kellermann begin 12 Day Jail Sentence

By Lydia Wylie-Kellermann On May 21, 2018, 16 people were arrested in Michigan as part of the Poor People’s Campaign 40 days of actions around the country. They blocked the entrances to the Department of Health and Human Services. It was a cry against the systemic racism so ingrained in our systems that claim to […]

Racism is a Demonic Possession

From yesterday’s Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice press conference (Detroit, MI) in response to the white Christian “protest” at the Capitol in Lansing. My name is Bill Wylie-Kellermann. I’m a United Methodist pastor in Detroit, recently retired from St Peter’s Episcopal Church, and a member of Michigan Poor Peoples Campaign: A National Call for […]


In Detroit, the constant flash of green lights says: You are being watched. BY BILL WYLIE-KELLERMANN Reposted from Sojourners, MARCH 2020 WE GATHERED THIS fall on the steps of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church. Summoned by the Detroit chapter of Black Youth Project 100, we were preparing to march a mile-long stretch of gentrified Michigan Avenue, […]

Sermon- By this Authority.

By Bill Wylie-Kellermann, January 25, 2020 This was the closing sermon to the United Methodist Global Water Summit at Cass United Methodist Church in Detroit. His opening sermon was posted on February 12. Romans 6:1-18 In the summer of 2013 as the Water shut-offs spiked under Emergency Management, St Peter’s Episcopal became the first water […]

Sermon “By Water and the Spirit: A Global Water Summit”

By Bill Wylie-Kellermann, January 24, 2020 Isaiah 55:1-3 In the name of the One who breathed across the face of the waters in creation; the One who is Lord and Servant of all; and the Spirit militant that summons, fills, and holds us together as one, let all of this be. I am a former […]

A Cross of Human Bodies: How 71 Catholics Were Arrested for Protesting Immigrant Child Detention

By Rose Marie Berger, re-shared from Sojourners I spent five hours as a guest of the U.S. Capitol Police last week. It was hot, really hot. And those plastic handcuffs leave bruises. I was one of 71 Catholics arrested by the U.S. Capitol Police in the rotunda of the Russell Senate building in Washington, D.C., […]

The Resurrection is Against the Law

An excerpt from Bill Wylie-Kellermann’s classic Seasons of Faith and Conscience (1991). The sealing of the tomb is, I believe, notoriously misunderstood. I grew up with a Sunday School notion that to seal the tomb was a matter of hefting the big stone and cementing it tight. The seal, in my mind’s eye, was something […]

In Ever-More Predatory and Beguiling Forms

From Bill Wylie-Kellermann’s recent release Principalities in Particular: A Practical Theology of the Powers That Be (Oct 2017): In the struggle for racial justice the recognition of “institutional racism,” that insidious structural element far beyond personal prejudice, was a huge step toward seeing racism as a principality. Ironically, however, the liberal preoccupation with its institutional […]