Remembering King’s Assassination 50 Years Ago

By Bill Wylie-Kellermann I remember precisely where I was when I got the news of Martin Luther King’s assassination. It was my freshman year in college, a midwestern liberal arts school, and I’d just walked into the lounge of my dormitory when a bulletin broke into regular TV programing. The lone other student, whose face […]

Prayer for the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.

By Bill Wylie-Kellermann Spirit of the Universe, whose moral arc you make to bend toward justice, thank you for birthing our brother Martin, right on time, into our history, into the journey of transformation for which we yearn. For uttering him in the Word, and forming him in the womb. We lift him up this […]

Radical Recommendations for Gift-Giving

Because Christmas has become so central to the American economy and American consumption is so central to global capitalism, this festival of ‘Holy Days’ has become a central expression and embodiment of American imperial domination, an imperial religion.  Richard Horsley, Religion and Empire (2003) Truly, this Season signals a major tension for North American radical […]

Art and Politics of Indexing

By Bill Wylie-Kellermann, re-posted from his facebook. A long aside. I’ve been indexing a book on the principalities and powers which will appear in October from Fortress Press. “Principalities” is a new testament name for spiritual structures of power (a notion important to movements various) – and I’ve actually been writing about them in the […]

New Releases

We have been blessed by some recent book releases from radical authors in our network.  These are a few that we recommend: The Soulmaking Room by Dee Dee Risher (see HERE for a conversation about the book between the author and Lydia Wylie-Kellermann)       Where The Water Goes Around by Bill Wylie-Kellermann   […]

Truth Warriors and the Renewal of Vocation

By Bill Wylie-Kellermann, an excerpt from the newly released Principalities in Particular: a Practical Theology of the Powers . The New York Times has begun to sell “truth.” Advertisements come to my email. You can read them in print. You can see them on TV: “The truth is hard. The truth is hard to find. […]

The Jesus Story is What I’m Living Out Of

By Tommy Airey, co-editor of RadicalDiscipleship.Net The first half of a two-post interview with Rev. Bill Wylie-Kellermann. Rev. Bill Wylie-Kellermann is a man who has reclaimed civil disobedience as a spiritual practice and a vital component of Christian ministry for the past four decades in Detroit.  An ordained United Methodist minister, he only accepted part-time […]

Sermon: Death Has No Dominion

By Bill Wylie-Kellermann, last sermon as Pastor of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Detroit Romans 6:1-11 Matthew 10:24-39 When I was called to St Peter’s in 2006 it marked the close of an important part of my life and the beginning of another. On the last night of 2005, Jeanie Wylie crossed over to God, having […]