Emmaus Road Litany

Inspired by Ched’s “Easter Faith and Empire” article, Katerina Friesen wrote the following litany for Farm Church (Ventura River Watershed in California) on Sunday, April 26 for an adapted “Bread of Life” communion time. El Peregrino camina con nosotr@s (The Sojourner walks with us) When we are confused, disillusioned after hopes of revolution, Disappointed by […]

Submit Stories and Reflections!

New Year’s Greetings! The Arts and Education Committee of the Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery Coalition is assembling a new resource on the topic of reparations and repair. It will contain biblical and theological reflections as well as stories about how people have practiced reparative justice on the ground. Our intended audience is Anabaptist congregations, but our past resources (see here) […]

The Rich Man and Lazarus: Warning Tale and Interpretive Key to Luke

By Ched Myers, on Luke 16:19-31, this weekend’s Gospel text Note: This piece was originally posted to Radical Discipleship in October 2016. As was the case last week, this is a longer post, because of the importance of Luke 16 to those of us suffering from “Affluenza.” For a recording of a recent webinar Ched […]

God, we confess…

By Katerina Friesen God, we confess our human struggles before You: our deflated dreams after years of trying so hard, our uphill battles against despair. You see and know us, inside and out. Our cravings for control when chaos surrounds, our burnt-out quests for justice, our disillusionment with less-than-perfect community. God, we need a breakthrough […]

A Prayer for Migrants

By Katerina Friesen. Reposted from Watershed Discipleship blog. Christ our Resurrection and Life, We call to your presence los desplazados, los desconocidos. We call to your presence those lost in the desert, those killed in the name of border security. Rescue the perishing, strengthen the faltering, and guide those finding their way tonight.

Sermon: Sacred Stones

Katerina Friesen, Rooted and Grounded Conference,Chapel Message, April 21, 2017 At one time, the confluence of two powerful rivers churned with such energy that they created smooth, spherical stones. The Lakota people named one of these rivers the “Stone-Make-For-Themselves River,” (‘Íŋyaŋwakağapi Wakpá) because of the round stones the river formed, which they call Iŋyaŋ Wakháŋagapi […]

Sermon: Stories of Salt and Light

By Katerina Friesen, February 5th, 2017, Fellowship of Hope Mennonite Church Matthew 5:13-20 In recent sermons and reflections here at Fellowship of Hope, we’ve pondered how Jesus’ wisdom teachings and the way of the cross are foolishness to the world. Foolishness, to love our enemies. Foolishness, to be persecuted and blessed. Foolishness, that those who […]