Casting Out Whiteness

By “Whiteness” we mean the five-centuries-old social system and spirituality rooted in European Christian colonial invasion and stealing of land, coercion of labor, and commandeering of resources that functions today as a dominant cultural orientation in the US. Whiteness emerged as a kind of “buy off” of older European identities. Our ancestors exchanged their ethnicities (Celtic, Nordic, Germanic, etc.) grounded in community and commons for a simple lie—the belief that those with white skin are superior to everyone else. In this spirit, policies are crafted that benefit us at the expense of others. But this “benefit” has done damage in de-humanizing all of us.

*Note: a statement on white male liberation will be released soon. It is a call that comes out of The Council on the Way, a Fall 2019 gathering in Washington D.C. coached and curated by Ruby Sales, theologian and veteran of the Black Southern Freedom Movement.

Cast Out Whiteness with these Organizations
The SpiritHouse Project (Ruby Sales)

Organizing White Men For Collective Liberation

Showing Up For Racial Justice (SURJ)

the Center for Prophetic Imagination

Geez Magazine

Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery

Take Up & Read
On Being White and Other Lies” by James Baldwin

I Bring the Voices of my People: A Womanist Vision for Racial Reconciliation by Chanequa Walker-Barnes

The Cross and the Lynching Tree by James Cone

Stand Your Ground: Black Bodies and the Justice of God by Kelly Brown-Douglas

Ethnoautobiography: Stories and Practices for Unlearning Whiteness by Jurgen Werner Kremer and Robert Jackson-Paton

White Theology: Outing Supremacy in Modernity by James Perkinson