Taking the First Step: Addiction, Ecology & Recovery

SNGBy Rev. Solveig Nilsen-Goodin of the Wilderness Way Community in Portland, a team of Jesus-followers committed to “discovering wisdom for our time, healing for ourselves and our planet, and the power of untamable (resurrection!) life!” She and her partner Peter are also active participants with Eco Faith Recovery, a growing network of faith-based people and institutions within the Christian tradition, waking up to the enormity of the ecological-economic-spiritual crisis before us. Their children, Soren & Stig, recently interrupted our dinner conversation with chants of “We hate coal! We hate coal!” (above: the Nilsen-Goodin family)
The profound ecological degradation we are currently witnessing and the rise of addictive behaviors such as alcoholism and drug addiction are two sides of the same coin.
Albert LaChance

Waking up to the developing global ecological crisis is like moving from being a child in an alcoholic family to growing up and going into recovery.
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Book Recommendation: Transforming Addiction

jpgVictoria Marie, PhD, MDiv. is a Roman Catholic Woman Priest who studied Anthropology of Education at the University of British Columbia, attended seminary at Vancouver School of Theology, is a member of the Vancouver Catholic Worker and pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe Tonantzin Community, Vancouver BC.
“I know from my own experience as a member of a racialized group that racism, if internalized, can result in an individual seeing their identity as tainted. Even when negative self-conceptions are overcome, the tenacity of racism does not instil in those who are continuously injured by it the vision of a future that is different than the past.”

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