Three Ways Faith and Spiritual Leaders are Shaping Movements Today

Faith ResistanceBy Carinne Luck, originally posted on the Minds of the Movement, an ICNC blog on the people and power of civil resistance (June 18, 2019)

Throughout history, civil resistance movements in North America have included preachers, healers, spiritual leaders, and creative artists who have helped to rouse the public out of complacency while providing nourishment, inspiration, and consolation to those on the frontlines of the struggle. They have served as living proof that another world is possible even while reckoning with the realities of the world here and now.

Many of today’s movements are no different, serving as both home and laboratory to a new, and newly rediscovered, generation of leaders and practitioners. Despite devastating economic inequalities and the stubborn staying power of white supremacy, corporate greed, and militarism, these individuals are helping make movements more sustainable, impactful, and caring spaces. Through their largely unrecognized and often undervalued work, they are shaping the contours of civil resistance strategy itself, as well as how strategies are brought to life. Continue reading “Three Ways Faith and Spiritual Leaders are Shaping Movements Today”