Truth, Trust, and Power

Jesus RadA CALL FOR CONTENT from our co-conspirators at Jesus Radicals for their third issue of Rock! Paper! Scissors!

Tools for anarchist + Christian thought

Issue 3: Truth, Trust, and Power

Guest Editor: Ted Lewis

In the field of restorative justice, which seeks to address and repair harm in relationships, two elements have been central to people’s experience: truth-telling and trust-building. In this way, truth and trust (which share word origins in a number of languages) work together to bring about healing and restoration between people and even communities. In this third issue of Rock! Paper! Scissors! Tools for anarchist + Christian thought, we seek to wrestle with the tensions of speaking truth and building trust in the midst of power-imbalances in relationships and in movements for justice. Continue reading “Truth, Trust, and Power”

Call for Content: 2 More Days!

PrintFrom Joanna Shenk, the author of the newly released The Movement Makes Us Human and the co-curator of Jesus Radicals:

In a time when the inhumanity of racism and greed are publicly normalized by the powerful, Jesus Radicals want to share stories of resistance, love, and transformation. The Movement Makes Us Human, the title of a newly released book on the life and thought of social movement veteran Dr. Vincent Harding authored by co-organizer Joanna Shenk, is also the theme of the first issue of the Jesus Radicals’ online journal, Rock! Paper! Scissors! Tools for anarchist + Christian thought .

We believe that involvement in movements for justice — like #metoo and Black Lives Matter and the resistance at Camp Makwa — invites us to embody our deepest humanity. This way of being human connects us across lines of difference and normalizes solidarity in the face of alienation and hate. Continue reading “Call for Content: 2 More Days!”