A Penny For The People

By Tom Airey, RadicalDiscipleship.Net
To choose what is difficult
all one’s days
as if it were easy,
that is faith.

W.H. Auden, For The Time Being (1944)

When Penny Lernoux graduated from the University of Southern California, she took her SoCal suburban privilege, Phi Beta Kappa intellect, lapsed Catholicism & journalistic brilliance to Latin America to work for U.S. Information Agency, an organization promoting American policy overseas. Little did she know that circumstances on the ground–unjust & violent–would soon prod her to write prophetic denunciations of the American cluster of principalities and powers (corporations, the CIA, Congress, armed forces, etc) that jimmy-rigged massive parcels of land away from the people of Latin America while propping up military dictatorships in virtually every single country to the south: all in the name of fighting communism.

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