My Journey Towards Wholeness is Learning to Embrace the Discomfort

CileBy Lucile (Cile) Beatty- involved with both the Bay Area Solidarity Action Team working in solidarity with Black Lives Matters in Oakland, CA

How many people have had to endure discomfort when healing from a physical injury or illness? How many people have experience discomfort in their spiritual practice – perhaps watching the clock when mediating, or struggling with an unanswered prayer? I want to share with you how embracing discomfort around racism and white supremacy has been a necessary healing force in my life.

First, a little about me. I am an introvert who grew up in an alcoholic home. My father was a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde drunk. I learned from my mom how not to rock the boat in order to “keep the peace.” Continue reading “My Journey Towards Wholeness is Learning to Embrace the Discomfort”