“God is Like a Mountain” (Mk 9:2-9)

By Ched Myers, for Transfiguration Sunday (6. Epiphany)

Note: This is an ongoing occasional series of Ched’s brief comments on the Markan gospel readings from the Revised Common Lectionary during year B.
Without wildness, civilization could not survive. The converse does not hold.
Evan Eisenberg, The Ecology of Eden

The Feast of the Transfiguration probably dates back to the late Roman period. A major feast in the Eastern Church, it was not widely practiced until the 9th century by the Western Church. August 6th was designated as Feast of the Transfiguration for the whole church in 1456. The Roman Catholic Church today also commemorates the Transfiguration on the second Sunday in Lent, but the Revised Common Lectionary puts the story at the last Sunday of Epiphany, just before Lent. This is done in order to recognize the Transfiguration’s close relationship in the synoptic gospel narratives to Jesus’ journey toward Jerusalem and the Cross.
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Multiplication [of] Tables

By Tom Airey, RadicalDiscipleship.Net, Co-Editor

Inspired by Mark 6:30-44 & dedicated to my new friends at Manna Community Meal, in the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit:
It’s a Miracle!
But only by messianic mandate:
We future the world’s Fate when
We reduce our own plate.

Manna never trickles down
From those who hoard.
Multiply baskets for bored
And hungry sheep.

Innoculate affluenza: descale the heap.