Opening Statement- Homrich Trial

homrich trial
Photo credit: Cait De Mott Grady

Last week began the trial for Bill Wylie-Kellermann and Marian Kramer for blocking the water shut off trucks in Detroit a year and a half ago. The trial continues to be underway. Here is Bill Wylie-Kellermann’s opening statement to the jury.


Good afternoon…

Thank you for serving on this jury. I myself am called to serve on a jury the week after Thanksgiving so, depending on how long this trial goes, I could be very soon sitting in your seat. Part of me frets about how I’ll do it after a week of trial (who will cover pastoral calls and soup kitchen), but I do understand the importance of it, especially given the seat I’m in today. I’m a native-born Detroiter and honored to be counted among the people of Detroit, eligible for a jury, part of a body that brings conscience and care to serving justice in the City. Continue reading “Opening Statement- Homrich Trial”