Sermon: When You Find Yourself in Azotas

imagesBy Ric Hudgens
Easter 5, April 29, 2018
North Suburban Mennonite, Libertyville, Illinois

Acts 4:26-40

“But Philip found himself at Azotus.” (Acts 8:40a)

Philip was on the edge of the edge. What I mean is he was a Greek-speaking Jew in an Aramaic-speaking community that (because of their devotion to Jesus) was on the edge of a Jewish culture that existed as a despised, oppressed minority on the periphery of the Roman Empire. It might be more accurate to say that Philip was on the edge of the edge of the edge – of the edge.

Then the Spirit sent Philip into the wilderness. Far out. Over the edge. Continue reading

To Get There

Mike Smith

Photo: Michael Smith 

By Ric Hudgens

There was that moment
when all of us
wanted to give up
walk away
without a forwarding number
until we remembered
the place we would run to
was the place
we’ve been working towards
that we only see
when all of us
dream together
so we turned around
climbing back down
into the mud
returning to work
building this bridge
that one day
some one
will be able to cross
to get there.