We Must Find Our Feet Again

Sunrise Pipe CeremonyBy Ric Hudgens, after the morning session at Identity, Theology, and Place: Reinhabiting the Mississippi Watershed inspired by Ched Myers, Elaine Enns, Tevyn East, and Jay Beck (photo by Sarah Amalia Holst, sunrise pipe ceremony)

Artifice will not save us.
Neither a technological
escape hatch to Mars
nor a booby hatch with
Jesus in the clouds.
A world of our own creation
collapses all around us
crushing the stranger who
seeks no other home. The
World under our world holds
forth but longs for our tears.
We must find our feet again.
The grief with no name
suffocates the real.
Hear no truth. Speak no
truth. See no truth.
We must find our feet again;
not paved roads nor
graveled paths, but
dirt, soil, humus, the mud
from which we came.
Take off your shoes.
We stand, if we will stand
at all, on holy ground.

Lake Superior Magnificat

MagnificatSarah Holst’s art and reflection is the second installment on our monthly bad-ass biblical women series. If you would like to contribute to the series, email lydiaiwk@gmail.com.
By Sarah Holst
Last year I attended a workshop led by Onleilove Alston on her work uncovering and uplifting the Black Presence in the Bible.  She spoke about the Black Madonna and the importance of reading Mary of Nazareth in the context of her economic, political and cultural setting: a very young woman with brown skin, turned-out, looked-over, and, as poet Kathleen Norris puts it, “capable of walking the hill country of Judea and giving birth in a barn.”  This is the historical Mary that was called to participate in liberation and redemption, smuggling God into the world inside of her body.

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A Seven-Month Honeymoon Sabbatical: Our Journey with BCM and Spiritus Christi

Sarah and MyraBy Sarah Holst

We got married on August 30, 2014 in a park in Duluth, Minnesota. The sun came out just in time for the service. A butterfly joined us on the altar. A flock of seagulls flew over our heads. We had a mixed gender wedding party, a blessing with Lake Superior water was given by our mothers, friends read from Job and Matthew, John O’Donohue and Rumi, and we printed a special acknowledgment in the program to the indigenous people of the area in regards to use of the Lake Superior Watershed, their home.
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Finding Kinship in the Ventura River Watershed

sarah and nathan
Sarah Holst (right, with hubby Nathan) just finished a split internship with Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries and the Abundant Table Farm Project. The newlyweds will be heading to Rochester, NY in January to intern with the Spiritus Christi community. Here, Sarah reflects about her process in creating the Equinox Liturgy for Farm Church in early October.
A week ago, I was washing the dishes after a shared breakfast at Ched and Elaine’s and rolling around how the Equinox Liturgy I was writing was going to take shape. In the process of this, I was also thinking about the chapter that Nathan and I had just read in Ched’s book Who Will Roll Away the Stone on Reclamation (Chapter 11). This chapter lays out the skin and bones of what has now fleshed out into Watershed Discipleship, and asks the question: How do we come to love our land (through the lenses of Christian theology) in a way that moves us to work for environmental and social justice? Continue reading “Finding Kinship in the Ventura River Watershed”