Deepen My Yearning

SteveBy Steve Garnaas-Holmes (right), curator of Unfolding Light, a daily reflection rooted in a contemplative, Creation-centered spirituality, often inspired by his daily walk in the woods. To subscribe to Steve’s poems, click here.


Recently some stuff of ours got destroyed.
I’m discovering the innards of grief..
We were planning on giving the stuff away,
so it’s not the stuff I mourn, though it was valuable.
It’s what I’m discovering I need to let go of.
Attachment to what could have been— let it go.
Blame of those who destroyed it— let it go.
Shock at discovering a dark side of someone I trusted — let it go.
Anger at the powerlessness of badly wanting something back
I can’t get back.
Promising myself to stop rehearsing outrage… but I do.
Dashed hopes…work wasted… feeling violated…let it all go.
How many ways desire clings,
how many little pieces there are to letting go. Continue reading “Deepen My Yearning”