Anchored in a Reality Different from Our Own

Note: This is part of a series of short posts, in the lead-up to the election, from leaders reflecting on hope and/or resistance.

By Rev. Tiffany Ashworth

A few months ago, I preached a sermon on Psalm 1. During my preparation, I kept stumbling over the phrase their delight is in the law. Delight and law? From where I’m standing, those are contradictory. Images of law conjure drudgery, burden, and weight. Law all too often represses rather than restores, closes in rather than opens up, belittles rather than inspires. It can be anxiety-making, self-preserving, and power-seeking rather than peace-imparting, generous, and life-giving. How can anyone delight in a law? Law, to me, often belongs on the path of dried up chaff not well-watered trees.

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The Spirit in “Worldly Things”

TiffanyBy Tiffany Ashworth

For my first two years out of high school, I read N.T. Wright at every opportunity. People close to me, starting on the road to seminary themselves, introduced him and other authors to me that I had never encountered in my conservative evangelical upbringing. A new world of theological possibilities opened to me, further igniting yet significantly shaping my passion for ministry. Continue reading “The Spirit in “Worldly Things””