Deleting Your White Friends Doesn’t End Racism

Tim W. Shenk, center, with his daughter Emma at a forum of the New York Poor People’s Campaign in Elmira, NY in 2019.

By Tim W. Shenk

In the days since the murder of Black father #GeorgeFloyd by white cops, I’ve seen “woke” white folks saying “if you don’t like what I post, delete me or I’ll delete you.”

Now is not the time for white folks to abandon our white brothers and sisters who are saying and doing ignorant and hurtful things.

As hard as it is to see ignorance, hate or clueless whitesplaining by white friends on our feeds, it’s reality. These too are our people. This shit doesn’t stop just because we don’t see it, and it can’t get better if all the so-called woke white folks are too busy being woke to have hard conversations that need to be had. Continue reading “Deleting Your White Friends Doesn’t End Racism”