A Tradition of Resistance

set them free


“Alongside the history of empire we can study and reclaim the history of resistance to empire. Global capitalism did not appear fully formed at the dawn of time; its rise was engineered and was by no means unopposed. There is a rich tradition of resistance to tyranny throughout history; the things that we seek to do now and the ways we seek to live are neither new nor impossible. Christians who want to live outside empire have a legacy from our predecessors whose successes and failures can instruct and inspire us.”

Laurel Dykstra in Set Them Free: The Other Side of Exodus

One thought on “A Tradition of Resistance

  1. Hey all– I’m LOVING this site as it develops. One of my favorite aspects is the banner photos at the top. Really great and interesting choices. Suggestion: In your top right box where you’ve got upcoming events, put a photo caption that says what year the photos from and what it’s of and who’s in it. I just love them!

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