Ground the Drones in Michigan- Nov 8

“We are building up a new world.battle creek drones 3
Do not sit idly by.
Do not remain neutral.
Do not rely on this broadcast alone.
We are only as strong as our signal.
There is a war going on for your mind.
If you are thinking, you are winning.
Resistance is victory.
Defeat is impossible.
Your weapons are already in hand.
Reach within you and find the means by which to gain your freedom.
Fight with tools.
Your fate, and that of everyone you know
Depends on it.”
-Flobots, “We Are Winning”

Calling all peace activists & nonviolent practitioners within the Great Lakes Region! Today’s blog post is asking for your hands, feet, minds, hearts, time & all the creativity you can muster. This November 8th offers the opportunity to join a budding Movement attempting to think, organize & act creatively, strategically & faithfully in the face of the mass murder of women, children & innocents at the hands of one of our military’s more recent forms of madness: remote-controlled reaper drones. As many of us know, these drones terrorize the everyday lives of our sisters & brothers to the East, and the time has come to add our voices to their collective cry for liberation.

Peace House, in Kalamazoo, MI, along with partners collaborating from the Detroit Peace Community & others on the front lines in Battle Creek, MI, is organizing a Nonviolent Demonstration, followed by a Movement planning meeting, November 8, from 1:00-4:30. We will gather at the gates of the Air National Guard Base in Battle Creek and then proceed to 1st United Methodist Church for a time of strategizing & brainstorming, followed by a light supper. This event is part of an ongoing campaign to build a broader Movement to “Ground the Drones and seek more productive, nonviolent alternatives.”

This vital Movement will only be as strong as its signal. Consider joining us for this day of vigils & vision, grassroots organizing & community-building. This is one small, but powerful step in a thousand mile journey towards a whole New World. Put on your walking shoes and join us as we pray with our feet.

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