The Wilderness Way: 7 Sustainable Practices

portlandThe Wilderness Way Community (Portland, OR) is a practice-oriented community pledged to be “guided by the wisdom of Nature, the undomesticated Jesus and his movement, and the wilderness tradition in which Jesus was grounded.” They share a common life by committing to live by a common set of daily practices. These practices flow from their mission statement and shape their life according to values other than those of the marketplace or the battlefield.

Over the years their practices have changed as the community has changed. For several years they used these Seven Sustainability Practices to shape their lives. For many of them, those once-new practices have now become simply part of how they live their lives.

Sustainable Life Practice:
We commit to make regular time and space for renewal, including restorative time in nature. (Read what Esther Elizabeth has written about Sabbath)

Sustainable Community Practice:
We commit to practice a relational covenant that embodies the values of love, repentance, forgiveness, reconciliation, and peacemaking. (This can be found on the Shalom Covenant page.)

Sustainable Economic Practice:
We commit to continually name how many financial and material assets are “enough” for ourselves as individuals, households, and as a community; we then share, save, and ask for what we need in accordance with this amount.

Sustainable Food Practice:
We commit to increase the percentage of local, seasonal, organic and fair-trade food in our daily diets.

Sustainable Energy Practice:
We commit as individuals, households, and as a community to minimize carbon emissions through reduction of energy use and offsets.

Sustainable Consumption Practice:
We commit to continually reduce the amount of “stuff” we accumulate as individuals, households, and as a community.

Sustainable World Practice:
We commit to global transformation by living our values through public witness and action around specific issues about which we feel passionate.

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