An Invitation

Picture3From Lydia Wylie-Kellermann

It’s been two months since this blog went live and it has been a joy to read the stories and gather a circle of writers and activists to participate. Yet, there is so much still dreamt for what this could be. We invite you to join us in collaborating and giving life to this space. The words, questions, invitations, struggles, pondering, poetry, rememberings are uttered by a community crying out for justice from a biblical vision living within the empire of the day. This space is offered as gift with the hope of collective ownership.

This Advent, we begin a new Friday series hoping to engage some deep conversation together as we slow down, honor the dark, and embrace the long waiting. Each Friday, we will pose a simple question. We invite you share your thoughts in the comment section. We look forward to hearing your voice!

So, feel the call, the invitation, the joy, the yearning for your voice and work in this space. Right now Tommy Airey ( and I (, have been holding down the editorial work of gathering and posting. We would love your help in any way that excites you.

Some other ways to get involved-


  • We are looking for voices and stories. Please send us your writing. It can be whatever is on your heart- an invitation to movement work, outrage at what you are seeing, storytelling, gratitude, a review of a favorite book- options are limitless.
  • Or send art, photography, or poetry!
  • Or if you see something that would be great to share in this space, send that too!


  • We have a list of communities with their websites on the website, but it is far from a complete or thorough list. Send us your communities name and website and we will get it up there. Or do you see someone missing? Send that along.


  • We plan for the calendar to become more and more interactive. But for now, send us events you know are happening and we will get it up there.


  • We hope that each piece shared is just the beginning of a conversation. So, please consider taking the time to write comments on the pieces that stir you- argue, offer gratitude, tell a story.


  • And of course, share this around to folks who might be interested in it.

Again you can send pieces to or

We are so grateful to everyone who has been reading, sent ideas, written pieces, and for the communities that each of you belong. We give thanks now and always for one another.

(artwork by Julia Jack-Scott)


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