Friday Advent Conversation

Advent_Wreath_3As we prepare to enter into the season of Advent tomorrow evening, how are you planning to hold this time sacred? What traditions do you hold?

Beginning today, Fridays’ posts will be a question. We hope that you will participate in the conversation by writing a response in the comment section. Thanks for your participation. We look forward to it!

3 thoughts on “Friday Advent Conversation

  1. I grew up with an Advent wreath on our dining room table and every night singing together O Come, O Come Emmanuel. This year, our one and a half year old has been preparing for Advent by learning to blow out candles. I cant wait to light the first candle, sing for Emmanuel and show Isaac a deep awe of darkness, light, and the season.

  2. I love the quiet of Advent. Growing up, we kept Christmas music and decoration out of the house for the Advent season. I still make a wreath and enjoy prayers in aware darkness.

  3. I didn’t really have Advent traditions growing up except for the usual wreath at church on Sundays. It has been really wonderful to marry into a family that holds this season sacred at church and home with rich traditions, including singing and wreath making.

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