2 thoughts on “Friday Advent Conversation

  1. Lindsay

    This feels like THE very question I have been trying to keep in my purview this past week. At first, it was impossible to shake the feelings of rage & grief & sadness…at the verdict(s), yes, but then at the response from a very loud sector of mostly middle-aged White males, who continue to amaze me with how much racist salt they have stored up to pour into the gaping wounds of injustice our country still refuses to acknowledge… and who were beginning to make me nauseous with their self-righteous assertions of the “objective” facts vs. the apparent “race-baiting” of anyone who would dare hint Michael Brown was executed & left displayed for 4 hours in the street because he was a Black man. But then, thanks to community & a call to find hope, my focus started shifting to the Movement of young people (mostly of Color) who are courageously & persistently resisting in the face of apathy, ignorance, victim-blaming & all sorts of perpetration, violence, & misrepresentation (in Ferguson, these incredibly organized young people have been agitating & demonstrating for well over 100 days! This seems nothing short of miraculous to me).

    I am trying to stay awake & alert by keeping my eyes on the hope that is this Movement, rather than letting the conversation get co-opted by those who will go on playing guards of the system until they are blue in the face. As I point my eyes toward the abandoned places of empire this Advent, I hope to be able to see & throw in with Jesus when he appears. Surely he is on the streets of NYC, Ferguson and Detroit…. but will I recognize him when I see him?

  2. Lydia

    Yesterday at a die-in, I watched an African American mother explaining to her two sons what was happening. I looked down at Isaac and realized how different my explanation must be than hers because it is her sons who are unsafe on the streets and mine who walks into this world with a host of privileges backed my these white supremacist systems. As a mother, I have a job to stay awake and alert to the moments of naming again and again to my white male child the reality of racism and privilege and all of our work to stand against this filthy rotten system.

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