A Provisional Understanding of Justice


From the website of Church of All Nations in Minneapolis:

1. We confess the Church’s complicity in much of current and historic injustice. We do not detach ourselves from the past, but in grace and humility take responsibility for it.

2. We confess our sin both individually and collectively, including structural and systemic injustice, for unless we take collective responsibility, the ministry of reconciliation simply cannot be advanced.

3. Our confessing does not lead to paralyzed guilt but to the liberty to act in love.

4. We believe that social justice starts in the church, and that the way we treat each other directly affects the credibility of our witness before the world.

5. We seek to practice radical hospitality, inviting those different than ourselves into the very heart of our life together, knowing that this may very well change us.

6. Since God calls the church to advocate for the oppressed without prejudice – the widows, orphans and aliens in our midst – we will care for our neighbors regardless of their religious affiliation or particular background.

7. We believe that like the prophets of the Old and New Testaments, we are called to proclaim God’s love and justice beyond the walls of the church, to call to account the powers and principalities and rulers of our age.

8. Our loyalty is not to any political party or ideology, but to Christ our only Lord whom we follow by the power of his Spirit.

9. We are mindful not to engage in social justice with a “savior-complex,” nor be anxious that we as one congregation cannot address all problems, since Jesus alone is Savior. We will prayerfully discern how to contribute collaboratively to God’s work throughout the world.

10. We seek a better way beyond perfectionism and impulsiveness in the way we address urgent matters of justice.

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