Hope Spills Over From 2014, Volume II

Nick PetersonFrom Nick Peterson (photo: far right), an adjunct instructor and worship planning coordinator at Lancaster Theological Seminary. He is pursuing ordination in the African Methodist Episcopal Church:

In South Central PA a group under the monicker #BlackLivesMatter717 has organized and given voice to issue of predatory racialized policing. In addition to leading training around non-violent direct action and carrying out various direct actions, the group is also committed to expanding the anti-racism on all fronts.

Discussion is underway now around pulling together resources to start a freedom school. Keep us in your prayers and follow us at www.blacklivesmatter717.org.

From Reyna Ortega of the Abundant Table Farm Project in Santa Paula, CA:

When you grow up in poverty, injustice, and oppression they become a normal part of life. The day after the explosion I was driving on Farm Workershighway 126 near the accident and saw many farmworkers working. I thought, “Why do they get to work and I don’t?” Many people that work in the field suffer from burns on their skin. They’re told the burns are caused by rotting vegetables. Truthfully these past weeks I’ve felt incredibly guilty for not suffering alongside those farmworkers. I have felt so blessed, loved, and cared for. It is a privilege to be a part of this organization that has shown that it truly values and fights for justice.

Even though we completely depend on our produce sales to sustain our farm business we decided to be 100% sure that no one would be harmed on our farm or from our produce.

For me, that’s incredible and admirable. It’s an honor for me to be a part of this farm.

I have so much to be thankful for from this organization. Mainly I’m thankful to have a job filled with dignity and pride. A job that does so much good in the community and is changing the way we grow and eat food. A job that inspires me to continue educating myself. A job that has taught me not just what mission driven work means but that mission driven work is truly possible.
From Ken Sehested, curator of the great new site Prayer & Politiks, reporting that, this Sunday, Circle of Mercy in Asheville, North Carolina will be learning this beautiful benediction from Sam Baker called Go In Peace:

go in peace
go in kindness
go in love
go in faith
leave the day
the day behind us day is done
go in grace
let us go
into the dark
not afraid
not alone
let us hope
by some good pleasure safely to
arrive at home
let us hope
by some good pleasure safely to
arrive at home

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