Godly Play

Redeemer1From artist Katherine Parent of the Redeemer Center for Life:

These are collaborative icons made by my coworker Helen Collins and I with Sunday School children at Redeemer Lutheran Church in North Minneapolis. We are using the Godly Play method of Sunday school, which involves storytelling and responding to stories through art as sacred practices. Our creative, lively multiracial church is housed in a hundred-year-old building full of stained-glass images of a blond white Jesus–but we as a congregation have many more ways of seeing our savior. To tell our Lent stories about Jesus’ life, we decided to make our own images that imagine Jesus in different ways. Helen and I used a glue batik to mark out basic shapes on fabric, children painted them with acrylic paint, and then we are adding black lines over the top to echo the stained glass. It is a work in progress that has already led to a lot of fun exploration.



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