Bob Two BullsRobert Two Bulls is the RadicalDiscipleship.Net artist of the month. “Self-Portrait” (below) is a piece that Two Bulls utilizes to creatively confront stereotypes. He explained this piece five years ago, “I chose the war bonnet and red blanket images in profile because it’s a well-worn, universal image … an image used famously by Hollywood,” said Two Bulls. Although such images date back more than a century, they persist in contemporary culture “as images most folks will now conjure up when thinking of what an American Indian looks like.”

“An elderly lady my wife and I would give rides to would oftentimes say, ‘You would look great in buckskin and feather’,” Two Bulls recalled. “I would respond, because she was an elder, with ‘Thanks.'”

His sums up his self-portrait “Chief What-They-Want-Me-To-Be” in seven words: “They can’t put us in a box.”

He added: “I’ve met people from all different tribes. We’re all different. We’re pretty complex people.”


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