Bishop Paul Jones by Robert Two Bulls

Bishop Jones was one interesting fellow and he reminds me how far we are from the Gospel with the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. After doing the icon I became much closer to him and what his life and work represented.
Artist & Priest Robert Two Bulls

bishop paul jones

Bishop Paul Jones, serving the then-Missionary District of Utah, was forced to resign his post when he revealed his deep convictions about World War I:

I believe that the methods of modern international war are quite incompatible with the Christian principles of reconciliation and brotherhood…

After the House of Bishops demanded he recant, he refused to be silent. He eventually became the founder of the interdenominational Fellowship of Reconciliation and served as its secretary for 10 years. He helped found the Episcopal Peace Fellowship prior to his death in 1941. During the early years of World War II, he helped resettle Jews and others who fled Nazi Germany, and he argued for greater understanding in relations with Japan.

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