Eric GarnerBy Nick Peterson, Lancaster Theological Seminary

Peace had 80% of his spine severed.

Peace was choked to death on the side walk.

Peace was killed in her home while she was sleeping on the couch with her Nana.

Peace was beat down on the side of the highway.

Peace was shot 11 times in 16 seconds and handcuffed dead.

Peace has been raped, beaten, lynched, and burned at the stake over and over again.

So when you pray for Peace, remember she has a name and a family that loved her. Remember Peace was a mother’s son who is no more. Remember that Peace was killed and did not die peacefully.

If your prayers for peace are nothing more than a desire for hell to go back into hiding, then you’re not praying for peace. You are just praying for oppressed people to grow more tolerant to their oppression. Respectability politics are not a reflection of peace.

Too many people think of peace like anesthesia – just something to make you sleep and not feel pain while your life is in someone else’s hands. Peace is not anesthesia. Peace is the termination of this fatal disease called oppression.

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