The Fellowship of Heretics

Mercy JunctionWe are a community of faith, rooted in justice and peacemaking, guided by the Holy Spirit to express God’s unbiased love for all of creation by providing a Christian framework for social righteousness in the Southeast.
The statement of purpose written by the Mercy Junction community

Compelling Christian community is percolating down South in Chattanooga at the Mercy Junction Justice & Peace Center. They are recruiting 100 radical disciples by September 1 for their Fellowship of Heretics. See details below copied from their Facebook Events Page.
The “Fellowship of Heretics” is a community of good-hearted rabble-rousers, rebels, malcontents, radicals and other cool people supporting the Justice and Peace Center by being card-carrying heretics. This is our first membership drive for the “Fellowship of Heretics” and we’re aiming to grow the Fellowship to 100 members by Sept. 1.

Membership in the Fellowship is as little as $5 per month/or $60 annually (though if you can do more it sure helps!) You can join the Fellowship by visiting our website ( and filling out the membership form and setting up your donation through Paypal. If you’re not into all that Internet stuff, send an email to and our fabulous membership coordinator/social justice intern will set you up with a paper invoice.

So here’s what you get as a card-carrying heretic:

(1) The good feeling that you are supporting a growing social justice movement in the South and helping the Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center to become self-sustaining.

(2) The joy of being part of and participating in a community of some of the coolest, most awesome, best people in the universe.

(3) Introduction Packet (packets will be mailed to all members in August) that includes Our Lady of Holy Heresy sticker, the August issue of Holy Heretic zine, a Holy Heretic T-Shirt (for those joining at the $15/month or $60 per year level — those joining on a smaller donation amount will receive their T-shirts after making a total donation of $15 or more). And, of course, your official HERETIC MEMBERSHIP CARD!

(4) Points to Redeem Toward Awesome Gifts in the Mercy Shop. For each $1 donated, Heretics receive one point redeemable toward select items in the Mercy Shop.

(5) Subscription to Holy Heretic zine. Beginning with the August issue, Holy Heretic will only be mailed only to members of the Fellowship of Heretics. The zine will function more as a membership newsletter, but will still include some content that made it such a lovable little publication in the past.

(6) Invitation to attend the Seasonal Gatherings of the Fellowship of Heretics. (There’s that opportunity to hang out with cool people again.) In October, April, July and January we host the Fellowship of Heretics for a special evening at the Justice and Peace Center. Dinner’s on us. There’ll be entertainment. We’ll get your thoughts, ideas, opinions on our social justice campaigns, events and actions. And, of course, there’ll be fellowship with the coolest people.

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