Decolonizing Our People & Culture

EvoFrom Evo Morales’ Ten Commandments Against Capitalism, For Life & Humanity.
Sisters and brothers: We are living in a society in which everything is globalized and homogenized, in which cultural identities seem to smack of the past that everyone wants to ignore. The ancient and ancestral cultures are marginalized in economic and political processes and their cultural and spiritual force and energy are discounted. This has led to a profound dehumanization in the world and discrimination in the spiritual and cultural resources that can give us the necessary strengths to stop the brutality of capitalism. We must:

  1. Decolonize ourselves of racism, fascism and all types of discrimination.
  2. Decolonize ourselves of commoditization and consumerism, luxury, egoism and greed, and promote Living Well.
  3. Recover the knowledges and codes of the ancient cultures of the world, to strengthen the awareness of individuals and societies of Mother Earth, understanding what it means to be a living and sacred being, that we are her daughters and sons and we are nourished by her, respecting the cycles of nature and understanding that all existing things are part of the balance and harmony of life. We are born from the womb of Mother Earth and we shall return to her womb.
  4. Where there are multiple cultures in countries it is imperative to promote the construction of plurinational states that respect social, economic, legal and cultural pluralism.

Since 2006, Evo Morales has been the President of Bolivia, the first to come from the indigenous population.

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