Cape Blanco

DSC01515By Tommy Airey

For Dianne, my soft-spoken spiritual director who calmly and confidently predicted, “I imagine that your trip to Oregon will be even more enlightening that you expect.” And for Peter, an artist, pilgrim and guide whose seven-space opened up for us one vista after another.

He calmly announced that
gratitude unlocks
the fullness of life.

This was lathered with
almond butter and
dark chocolate
while the blue jay with
the swiveled bristled crest
ten feet away.

We sat “in silence”
waves smashing
birds sassing
a river of feelings flowing
before us, miles away from the
soup kitchen and the
free-range backyard.

We hiked into
the second half of life
tossing our accomplishments
and securities
into bogs,
discovering strength
and guidance
in our wounds,
staying with our breath,
receiving nourishment from our death
like turkey vultures
swooping before us.

This was all a warm-up for
the schizo, the sit-spot,
the avocados, the agate woman,
the percolation, the Perseid
and his proclamation:
You Are Enough.

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