Disma 1From a NY Times piece on Banksy’s latest adventure in England:

The exhibition includes new and old artwork by Banksy, including a pool with mobile boats full of figurine immigrants in what apparently is the English Channel, and a mural-style work in the his signature silhouette style, which shows a fat cat in a suit gorging himself while a gaunt woman with children stands across from him. One installation on the site — billed as only for children — features a trampoline and a stand offering small loans with interest rates of several thousand percent…

Details on how “Dismaland” came together and when it was conceived have been kept secret by Banksy and his team. In an email, Zaria Forman, a New York artist with work in the exhibition, said that Banksy had approached her around eight weeks ago about participating in the show, and that she was given a “general idea” of what the exhibition would include. She said she had been instructed not to answer certain questions about Banksy, and had “no comment” about whether she had met the artist in person. (Another Banksy spokeswoman, Jo Brooks, declined to answer whether the artist had visited the exhibition since it opened.) Banksy did not respond to email questions sent on Friday to his two spokeswomen.

In a wry and somewhat elliptical interview with The Guardian about the exhibition, Banksy called “Dismaland” “a theme park whose big theme is — theme parks should have bigger themes.” He also said, “I asked myself: What do people like most about going to look at art? The coffee. So I made an art show that has a cafe, a cocktail bar, a restaurant and another bar. And some art.”

Disma 2

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