Building a Movement of Movements

John DearFrom John Dear on this week’s marches, demonstrations, rallies and protests marking the International Day of Peace, Yom Kippur and the Pope’s dramatic visit to the U.S.:

Not only is it unusual to see a week of coordinated nationwide actions for peace and justice in the United States, it’s unusual that these events cover the whole gamut of issues involving violence and injustice. Millions of people are fed up with every form of violence, with the entire culture of violence, and want a new culture of nonviolence as Dr. King taught.

Though the mainstream media does not cover such grassroots organizing, we take to the streets anyway to speak out and stand up in the hope of a building new, larger grassroots movement that will wake more people up and turn the tide of our nation.

In effect, we are trying to build a “movement of movements,” based on the insight that the only way change happens in our nation’s history is through bottom up grassroots movements. Next week will mark another start in the rebuilding of that movement.

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