Snowden Meanwhile, the debate has become personal–about Snowden himself more than the issues to which he hoped to draw attention. It isn’t surprising that some Americans are suspicious of Snowdens’s motives. His story seems almost too good to be true: a young man of modest means, propelled by his brilliance to a position that gave him unusual access to the nation’s most closely guarded secrets…
Ted Rall, Snowden (2015)

We live in the heroic age of Assange, Manning and Snowden. Yet, what these men have uncovered for the world to see is so immense and overwhelming that, in order to just cope with our daily lives, we’ve put the issue on the back burner of the collective unconscious. This is one of the lamentations of political cartoonist Ted Rall, whose graphic biography of Snowden was released last month. Like virtually every sample of this genre, Snowden is an easy read. Unlike many, however, it is heavy, exposing the principalities and powers of an Orwellian collusion of government and corporation that watches our every move. It also implicates us: to resist the compulsion to sweep it all under The Carpet.

Rall excerpts

For radicals & progressives alike, militarism (abroad) and authoritarianism (at home) has been the most aggravating failure of the Obama presidency. It has, quite simply, been an escalation of what Bush started post-9/11. Rall both enlightens and entertains the reader, seeking to understand what it was in Snowden’s character or experience that led him to risk it all to break the law and to question why his actions were condemned so ubiquitously among the political elite. We recommend Snowden, as a nice companion to the work of Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras’ Oscar winning documentary CitizenFour.

And, coming up next for Rall, just in time for the primaries in January 2016…


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