Be welcomed again and again

RDnetlogo1.jpgAn Invitation. By Lydia Wylie-Kellermann

This is a space that lives in the
unknowable interweb,
that lives beyond the boundaries
of state or nation.
It is rootless
and yet is always honoring the rooted.

It is a space that is dreamed
and humanly kept
with love and foibles
for a movement of radical disciples.

It is meant to be a space-
for connection,
and to nourish spirit
for the long haul.

Spaces to say “you are not alone”
and “keep doing what you are doing”
and “we are with you.”

Spaces to educate your mind
stir your heart,
and move your body.

Spaces to mark the passing of time,
the liturgical and earthly seasons,
and the elders who have joined the ancestors

Spaces to tell the old stories,
to wrestle with the internal stories,
and to imagine and create and put words
to the stories just now unfolding.

Dan Berrigan once said, “Stand somewhere.”
This is a blog filled with stories
about people standing somewhere.
Sometimes in fruit trees
Or in a bible study
Or on a street corner
Or in the depths of the forest
Or at a community meal
Or in jail
Or in the pulpit
Or in the internal battle with privilege
Or pushing a stroller
Or painting a picture.

We want to know where you stand.
Write about it.
Take a video.
Draw a picture.
Paint it in poetry.
This is a place to honor
the diversity of stories and bodies
on this discipleship road.

To submit work to http://www.radicaldiscipleship. net, email Lydia Wylie-Kellermann at or Tommy Airey at



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