Let’s Get the Poison out of the Parks

Reverend Billy, Buy Nothing Day NYC 2005

An update from Rev. Billy Talen and the Stop Shopping Choir:

The last ten months we got bizzy, as in show-bizzy: opening for Neil Young, a holiday run at Joe’s Pub at the Public in NYC, recording eleven songs in Avatar Studio, and then my book “The Earth Wants YOU” from City Lights.  We can fit or weirdly “misfit” into some entertainment categories.   That’s cool, but it means that we are farther from our heart, which is “Nonviolent Dramatic Action.” 

So it’s back to where all the songs and sermons and prayers come from…  And our actions will mostly have to do with bringing embarrassment and chagrin to the sprayers of Monsanto’s glyphosates in our parks and schoolyards. We discovered that municipalities are not reducing their spraying of this strong poison, long after the deadly evidence and consensus of the scientists is clear. Monsanto’s RoundUp kills people along with the weeds, or maybe they think of weeds and people as the same thing.

So we’re filing Freedom of Information Act requests with cities and towns across the country. They give us the records of where, when, and how much glyposate they have sprayed, and we input that and turn it into maps. We have five cities done now: Revbilly.com/maps.

Oh let’s get the poisons out of the parks! We see this as a giant metaphor for corporate control of consumers. Let’s throw out the carcinogenic stuff! It’s like refusing to shop for the wrong thing! Earthalujah!

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