Thinking Out Loud: Supremacy

Nick PA Facebook post from Rev. Nick Peterson (July 1):

some white people are concerned that black people hate them.

there are white people who never hated black people and did little to nothing to challenge the systems that oppress black people.

some people believe hate is a key ingredient to oppression.

if we focus on hate, we can keep the conversation to individual actions that convey hate and bias.

the driving force behind oppression is always material gain.

hate functions as the myth to justifying oppression.

supremacy functions as the myth to sanctify exploitation.

effective supremacy divorces itself from hate and opens pathways of assimilation that allows different bodies to embody the ends of supremacy – material gain.

some people feel that hate is the primary motivator of violence.

i’m not convinced our society was built on hate, but instead supremacy.

supremacy is the pathway to material gain and success.

violence rooted in supremacy intends to shift resources and material gain from one group to the other.

because we conflate supremacy with hate, we fail to recognize how pervasive supremacy is among people who do not hate.

the republican party and donald trump are no less supremacists than the democratic party and hillary clinton.

donald trump may have a few more people who openly express their hate, but supremacy does not require hate – it simply requires using oppression/disenfranchisement as a tool for material gain.




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