Deer- Mentors

frogs.jpgBy Nancy Canon, from Frogs and other Soul Friends: Reflections from the Forest

You ask my ancestry?
German, maybe Irish,
I don’t know, but
This I do know.
I am part deer!
What part?
The part that must Take refuge in the
Gentle forest of white pines,
Making my day-bed in
Soft carpet of fallen needles,
smelling moist rich soil
As I Curl up as close
As I can to this
earth we call Mother.
She welcomes me so,
As if pulling me into
My Forgotten Self,
The one that
resides at the
Juncture of skin and soil.
There I sit with my
Back against the shelter
Of Tree Trunk,
Hoping to blend into the
Beauty that surrounds,
Hoping to become
Part of it All,
Trying to be as
Quiet within
As nearby deer-mentors,
Masters of

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