A Prayer of Kingian Nonviolence

MLKFrom Matt Guynn of On Earth Peace, a prayer based on MLK’s Six Principles of Nonviolence:

Holy One, singing at the center of my very being, resonating and vibrating me toward liberation and life,

Help me to grow in courage, in persistence, in confidence, in boldness in the face of the violence and harm in our world, our neighborhoods, our streets, our own faith communities. Deepen my ability to dwell moment by moment in the reality that I am enough, that I am beloved. As hard as it is, help me to remember that those whom I detest, dislike and disagree with are also your beloved children. Guide me toward a future in which all are cherished in communities of belonging and belovedness. Give me strength and insight to challenge the forces of evil and injustice which oppress and downpress me, other people and entire communities. Guide me to count the cost of waging nonviolent conflict and to accept sacrifice and suffering when necessary, for the sake of the cause and to achieve the goal. Help me to see clearly the violence in my heart, and to see that, unchecked, this violence can grow into expressions of harm towards myself and others. Strengthen me for this long journey as I lend my hands to yours, bending the arc of the universe towards justice. Amen.

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