Period of Struggle

liz“We are in a period of struggle with a movement spiritually deep and broadly connected – and a movement that knows it has to go deeper and broader yet. And we need to keep connecting across barriers of faith and ideology. Many of us understand that a deeper resistance is summoned of us. We are trying, praying, working to be strategic, to be faithful, to be human. And we know that we must keep at it: conspire the next steps, be in conversation, be in community, be in the streets, refuse taxes, refuse to fight, disrupt business as usual, prefer poetry to ideology, pray for victims before nations.

The powers of death and destruction appear to reign. But they are undone. In short, dear friends: Be not awed by the mayhem with which the powers of this world would bamboozle us. When you light a candle let it mean intransigent resistance. When you pray imagine a new world is possible. And then live it.”        -Elizabeth McAlister

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