The Need For Whiteness to be Protected

Nick PA series of social media posts from Rev. Nick Peterson:

Last night me and a friend were talking inside the Chick fil A when they closed. We continued our conversation outside and after a while 3 male employees came out to tell us that we were not allowed to be in the parking lot after 10:30 pm. We did not know what time it was or that it was already past 10:30. We spent another few minutes wrapping up our conversation. In the intervening time the employees called the police on us. We of course did not know this when we pulled off and one of the young men who initially came to us bid us a good night as we were pulling out of the parking lot.

As we were waiting at the light, two police vehicles pulled in, drove past my white friend in his truck in front of me and when they locked eyes on me pulled a U turn and put there flashers on. My friend was able to make the right turn on Lincoln highway without any officer following him. He proceeded to park across the street and witness both officers round my car for the next 10 minutes.

The officers stated that they were called because there were some people (plural) in the parking lot that made the employees nervous. So they were responding to that call.

The truth of white supremacy is that it makes white people non suspicious and black people categorically suspicious. Neither the police nor employees exhibited behavior that would be considered rude or mean. They simply were concerned about the safety of white people and my presence as a threat to that.

I will never patronize this Chick fil A or any other Chick fil A, while my money is not a threat my black body is.

Thank you East Lampeter Police Department for instantly racial profiling me to make sure the white people were safe.


So this is not a problem with Chick fil A Lancaster or East Lampeter Police. They were all following a protocol that is rooted in the sanctity of whiteness. White safety requires Black people to be and function in very particular ways to ensure the kind of normalcy and non-threatening innocence that characterizes whiteness.

I cannot fathom what it must be like to live with an unrecognized kind of sainthood that makes your entire presence non-threatening and worthy of safety and protection. I cannot imagine what it is like to be white and to naturally unknowingly have suspicion about your safety and welfare in the presence of black people. In as much as my well intentioned white friends and colleagues want to bring this to the attention of the authorities and find solutions that will keep this from happening, the truth is this the world that white supremacy builds—a world where constantly white agency both as the actor over blackness gets to be the actor to represent blackness.

I don’t need to have a conversation with a Chick fil A manager or the East Lampeter Police Chief, because these dynamics are bigger this specific incident, this is not extraordinary or uncharacteristic. The police officer as cordial as were the Chick fil A employees yet the precipitating factor revolves around the need for whiteness to be protected from the threat of blackness and its innate violence.

So yeah I’m never giving Chic fil A dime again but I much rather see and here my white friends especially not try to plead my innocence and nobility but instead to figure out what it means for you, as a white person, to live in a world where you are god and where the entire heavenly host of earthly institutions work tirelessly to build a world where you can thrive and live and accommodated while blackness stands as a lucifer, questioning your worthiness of worship and challenging your supremacy. I need white folk to contend with what it means to be god and to raise your children ready to assume their place on the throne. This is the work for me that’s worth doing – the work of de-godding whiteness. I can’t tell you exactly how that works but it seems to me the task at hand.


White supremacy requires us to place the blame on as specific target as possible. We cannot bare to believe that this kind of response to blackness is necessary to maintain the protection and safety of white people and white people’s money that goes to white banks and white safe deposit boxes. My own analysis places the blame on the entire construct of whiteness which precipitated the events in the first place. Neither Chick fil A nor the East Lampeter Police Department behaving contrary to the mandates of white supremacy and its banal demands. In the world of white supremacy these actions are warranted just to make sure we maintain safety.


White supremacy is like gravity, it is the force that pulls everything towards its center. It is the force that grounds the world and gives security that what whiteness builds will stand. White supremacy forces us to spin around in the same circle over and over and over and over marking the same path again and again and again. It marks our seasons and our times, our uprising and our down setting. It is the sun that makes our lives possible and makes possible life as we know it. ‪#‎BlackLuciferWhiteGod

4 thoughts on “The Need For Whiteness to be Protected

  1. Christy Anderson

    I’m sorry that you had this experience but thank you for writing about it. I understand that you were making a much wider point here. I just wanted to share my regret that our society is this way.

  2. Well, what I have to say is on the whole not new, but the Rev. Nick Peterson seems (pretends?) never to have heard about it – so it might be helpful to tell him.

    Everyone, not only Whites, needs to be protected. So the police must do some controlling. And for that they must find out features which are (a) swiftly recognizable and (b) nevertheless are relatively good for predicting a statistically higher propensity for thuggishness.
    Skin colour is one of the features who meet these requirements. Age, gender and able-bodied-ness are some others.

    As we all can have learned in the last year, if the police stops controlling Blacks that means more crime, and that above all within the Black community. So the sarcasm of the Reverend seems mislead.

  3. As painful as your words are, I will not delete them because they serve well to expose a variation of the very white supremacy that Rev. Peterson details in his post. What you call “controlling” is not the same thing as “protecting.” In fact, we could just leave it at that. We live in a society that continues to pour resources into “controlling” black bodies and land and resources in order to protect white interests. Your claim that this “controlling” actually protects black communities is also patently false. In the past fifty years, the “war on drugs” has been a war on black communities, arresting and locking up black men (especially) in far higher numbers that white folks, even though studies clearly reveal that white folks possess and sell drugs at the same rates as black folks. This is all well-documented. Your claim that skin color is one of the features that “are relatively good for predicting a statistically higher propensity for thuggishness” is, in fact, correct: white men are far more likely to exhibit thuggish behavior. I myself am a white man and I would claim (and I’m quite sure there is plenty of documentation) that white men are far more likely to stockpile weapons, go on shooting rampages, blow up government buildings, molest young children and participate in high-risk, high-greed financial instruments that would have destroyed the global economy if the government didn’t save the day back in 2007-08. The key question for all of us: what are we doing to save the country from them? Sincerely, Tommy Airey (RadicalDiscipleship.Net co-editor)

  4. Patrick

    I feel bad that you have to teach your children survival skills that I do not have to teach mine. It’s not enough to that we recognize this and that we call it out when it happens. We need to end this and I don’t have any easy answers. Maybe someday we can evolve from this debilitating behaviour.

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