Hold On

DSC01515By Ric Hudgens

For one thing
too much of it
will make you sick.
Garbage in
garbage out.
Which explains
why the commuter
sitting across from you
looks so depressed.
My counter proposal
is legal in all fifty states
and you don’t have to wait
until nightfall.
Just do it.
Look for the ones
who refuse to notice
when you spew cynicism
on their shoes.
Listen for those
who say nay
only to contradict
other nay sayers.
People throw good stuff out
then complain
because worth is diminishing.
Redeem what they toss.
Feel around in the darkness.
When you find something
hold it up to the light.
Work in packs
moving without notice.
Ignore those
who measure time’s waste.
Truth be told
it’s those rich in despair
who don’t know shit.
Learn to bless
when cursing is easy.
We’ll keep it together
so others know
where to go.
Some of us
are gonna hold on.
Scavenge hope.

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