Change comes from actions, not votes

dor-dayBy Brendan Walsh, Viva House Baltimore Catholic Worker. Reposted from The Baltimore Sun.

It is noteworthy that November 8 is Election Day and Dorothy Day’s 110th birthday. Dorothy was co-founder of the Catholic Worker movement and is currently on track for sainthood in the Catholic tradition.

Long before Dorothy was involved with the worker movement she was a journalist writing for The Call and The Masses in New York City. She was also a suffragette advocating for the right of all women to vote. She was arrested at the White House demanding that right and went on a bitter hunger strike while imprisoned in Occoquan, Va.

Regardless, Dorothy never voted. She recognized quite clearly that the elites and corporate power, what we now call the 1 percent, control all elections. Maintaining a two party system keeps things in proper order. She agreed with the late Phil Berrigan that “if voting could change things, it would be illegal.”

Real and lasting change comes from the bottom, from the groundswell of the marginalized, from those locked tight in poverty and from those who believe that nonviolent solutions to massive injustices here and all over the planet are the only solutions that will have a lasting effect. The deceitful Donald Trump and the trustless Hillary Clinton are both aligned with the 1 percent, the raging and always hungry military and the corporate giants.

The election is rigged in favor of the wealthy, the arrogant and all those who believe in military solutions to all problems. Think about that on Election Day. It was Dorothy Day’s birthday, and she never voted. Dorothy was on to something. You vote with your life. It’s more important than the ballot.

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