2 thoughts on “Sermon Advent 2: Standing in the Darkness

  1. Thank you Rev. Wesley Morris. I was riveted to every word from beginning to end. Yours was the first voice I heard this morning and what a strong message of beginning, togetherness and leadership you brought. I loved the interweaving of religion, history, social gospel, political and grassroots thought– local, national and international. You brought a strong WORD for the people whether they believe in God or not. There was a message for everyone if their ears and heart were open to receive. Yes, ” Lead me Oh Lord, guide me along my way. For if You lead me, I shall not stray.” Oh, what a mighty God we serve. God be with and continue to bless you and your ministry. So be it, and it is. Amen. Amen. Amen.

  2. Wesley, we at St. James Presbyterian Church are still building on this message. I thank you for working with me on this special project of our Advent series this year. The conversation had after service was also powerfully felt by all in attendance. I look forward to our future conversations and shared WORD for the people.
    Rev. Dr. Derrick McQueen, Serving as Pastor
    St. James Presbyterian Church
    In the Village of Harlem, NYC

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