What it Would be Like to Win

ErnstA post from a couple of months ago from activist and Vanderbilt Divinity student Margaret Ernst:

For those taking action against Trump in Nashville today:

1) I love you.
2) This is a ritual I made up before participating in a direct action a few weeks ago, and I want to offer it to you.

Ritual for before direct action:

Light three candles.

With the first candle, name and honor the loved ones and ancestors who give you strength, who challenge you, hold you, and have your back.

With the second candle, meditate on how your soul and body’s freedom is wrapped up this action and imagine what it would be like to win.

With the third candle, notice your fears and where you feel vulnerable. Love and honor these places too. Acknowledge the risks you are willing to take, and let these settle into your being.

Say a prayer or incantation calling for protection of yourself and others and for the fulfillment of your intentions in taking action.

Close with a song that brings you courage.


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