Sabotaging Christian Supremacy

Soul ForceFrom Soulforce.Org, an organization seeking to turn this world upside down and inside out in the name of justice and equity for folks across all marginalized racial, sexual, and gender identities:

Christian Supremacy is not new; the project of empire has snatched Christianity and put it into service for hundreds of years, especially in the United States and its business partners.

Calling out Christian Supremacy is new; recognizing that the struggles against white supremacy, capitalism, and (neo)colonization – to name a few – are intricately tied to how certain sectors and expressions of Christianity are driven by power over, not justice.

We believe, therefore, that consciousness of how this kind of religion works in the United States….its language, its cultural plumb lines, its relationship to social and financial power, its stated and unstated values…tells a more honest story of how this country came to be.

We also understand from 18 years of work that the skills one needs to sabotage Christian Supremacy include everything from healing rituals to scriptural acumen to insight into how sex, race, and religion are woven together historically…and that these skills are part of the work of collective liberation across many justice movements.

You are invited to watch this video for a fuller definition of Christian Supremacy in Spanish or English. You can also download the script by clicking the link below the video.

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