Prayer: Where We Begin

dark_path_field_path_pathway_tree_organic_agriculture_outdoors-1338816.jpg!dBy Dee Dee Risher

It is the time of gathering in,
pulling lightly the earth,
turning under,
of looking out at dusk
from the door lintel
at the long road,
beckoning or wearying,
and offering gratitude for
every home space;
and every setting forth.

Oh Spirit Holy,
wrap us in silence this one
fragile moment of prayer,
and set us into our day, attentive.

Burn in us, and make us new-born,
newly-woke, resting in you.

Somewhere in this day before us
lies the pearl of great price;
the single, gleaming coin.

Somewhere in this day lies also
the wounded one by the road;
and the second touch,
ready to heal us again.

We draw to you now,
Our hearts are not proud.
Our judging hands are spread open,
knowing that of which we are capable.

Draw us to our deeps,
O Spirit Who Is, and Who Is Coming,
And let our deepest yearnings
Be joined with yours.


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3 thoughts on “Prayer: Where We Begin

  1. Joshua

    Please stop romanticizing the earth and the outdoors. Yes, it is lovely. Yes, they are beautiful. Our days, however, are spent indoors, for the most part, and in front of computer screens like these. Find the romance here; match those dreams with our lived reality, if you can. Until then, stop hearkening with nostalgia’s ache and live with the shattered state of our days. Make and mend your poetry from that.

  2. Joshua

    Dee Dee and Joyce, your poem and comments were both beautiful. Dee Dee, I apologize for my earlier comment. I’m sorry. I only meant to draw attention to the tendency on this ‘blog to praise nature and the outdoors and to forget those on the inside, who rarely have access to these good things. Please keep writing and publishing your good work.

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